GH1 Problems and targets

GH1 and GF1 hack project known problems:

  1. AVCHD files are not playable in camera if AC3 bitarte is > 192kbps (GH1, GF1).
  2. FullHD AVCHD files not playable in camera (GF1).
  3. MJPEG high bitrate (>35Mbps) in camera playback results in read error.
  4. Static scenes freezing in FHD progressive mode (24p/25p).
  5. AVCHD compressor options tweaking is not complete, so bitrate in low detailed scenes are almost not affected.

GH1 and GF1 targets:

  1. Improved AVCHD compressor bitrate adjustment.
  2. MJPEG file length increased up to 4Gb.
  3. Playback restrictions removal.
  4. Bracketing options enhancement.
  5. AGC adjustements.
  6. Composite TV monitoring.
  7. HDMI monitoring.

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